LFR Publishes eBook on NASCAR Sponsorship
Jun 5, 2019

Leavine Family Racing is proud to announce the release of what some may call ”the most comprehensive guide to a NASCAR sponsorship”. The eBook titled, “Anatomy of a NASCAR Sponsorship”, will be available for free download from the Partner Blog section of the LFR website: https://partners.LFR95.com/.

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Last year we created a new Partner Blog section on the LFR website where we regularly publish content on the topic of NASCAR sponsorship. This blog content is focused on expanding our relationship with existing partners as well as educating interested parties on how a NASCAR race team sponsorships can help grow their business(es).

The content published to the blog will always be focused on those things. To date we’ve published over 25 blogs on topics such as: what a sponsorship costs, different points of entry into a NASCAR sponsorship, and the importance of activation.

We appreciate the challenges of the current sponsorship environment. The way fans engage with the sport has changed, the way that sponsors engage with the sport has changed... heck, the sport itself has changed rather significantly in recent years.

That is the primary reason we created this guide. The sponsorship landscape can be a complicated one to navigate, and we believe it is our responsibility (at least, partly) to help guide those interested through the process. In short, our goals are to:

  • Provide a resource for potential sponsors while also providing value to those looking to further understand how a NASCAR sponsorship works
  • Offer independent, third-party points of view on critical areas of sponsorships, including activation, and measurement
  • Provide a roadmap for those attempting to navigate the sponsorship landscape
  • Educate. Educate. Educate. Resources like this can help all sponsorships, and our belief is that this resource can be useful in confirming – or dispelling – any conventional wisdom or perception in the marketplace of what a NASCAR sponsorship is... or is not

This guide is certainly not all-inclusive. However, we do believe that we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide to a NASCAR sponsorship that you can find anywhere online, for free.

If we can help you navigate any questions you have about NASCAR sponsorship, or determine if team sponsorship can help grow your business, we'd love to connect and talk to you about that.