Surfboards by Leavine Family Racing
Mar 22, 2017

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By now you've figured out that we don't build SURFBOARDS for the beach however, we do craft some of the most creative designs and fan experiences in NASCAR. This fun concept of LFR's #WoodieWagon, represents what the process could look like for your brand in any market on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series schedule.
The mission of this concept is to tie America’s car culture to the local flair of the traditional automotive enthusiast of Southern California. Much the same way that LFR can support your national programs but still bring a local feel to each market you wish to dominate. 

Surfboards by LFR

This is LFR's second case study displaying how we can convey a partners message in an organic way and truly stand out above the competition. In 2016, LFR put a Rusty Patina themed "Rat Rod" on the track in the "Hot Rod" capital of the world, New Hampshire. This program resulted in some of the most impressive buzz LFR has ever seen and attracted more social media coverage than any other paint scheme in LFR's history.

If you have a product that is looking for brand recognition on a national scale and want to create a lasting experience for your customers, let our creative department show you how we can make a positive impact.

Surfboards by LFRWe don't just promise ROI... We can guarantee it. Contact us for more details.  

Be exciting, Be creative and grow with us! 

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